We understand all customer feedback in all languages and dialects.

Anzyz CCL™ creates forecast models for all customer feedback and creates dashboards and reports.

We read the story, extract the symptoms, understand the context and build direction forward.

We convert unstructured data to structured insight


We help companies improve all dialogue with their customers in all channels

We deliver solution to our customer were we in a customer lifecycle will understanding the past, knowing the present and predicting the future.

Health  Industry- studying all pasient sources

  • Uncover allergies in records
  • Clinical use in psychiatry

Finans/ Retail / Energy / Telecom /Organizations

  • Uncover customer satisfaction
  • Uncover reasons for customer Churn
  • Detect abnormal customer behavior in social media 
  • Detect fraud
  • automated feedback handling
  • Enrich existing forecast models with unstructured data
  • Management support – 360 ° view of business 24/7

Anzyz CCL read all customer feedback in all communication channels

We deliver solution to our customer were we in a customer lifecycle will understanding the past, knowing the present and predicting the future.

We want to find answers before people know what to ask – answers hidden in hundred thousands of unstructured documents, such as chat, emails, customer feedback, social media, health records, etc.

The answers you are looking for are presented in a simple dashboard where you can easily visualize findings, track key performance indicators, and dive into rich source documents.

True “artificial intelligence” can only be achieved when computers understand and can respond appropriately to language, in all its richness and variance.


Anzyz CCL ™ – Artificial intelligence – no word bank, in all languages

Anzyz Corpus Cube Linguistics (CCL™) understand and respond appropriately to all language, in all its richness and variance and turns your unstructured data into knowledge in seconds.

Health Industry

– Read all text data about a patient

– Read all published materials to uncover similarity

– Present the result of diseases in the patient records in seconds

– Releases warm hands to treat more patients

– Reading scientific papers and map out different treatment to the same disease

Finans/ Retail / Energy / Telecom /Leagal

– Read all customer feedback in all communication channels

– Emails, chat, SMS, Facebook, marketing survey

– Real time feedback on marketing campaigns

– Reading all law data, reading all case documents, reading all cases from the courts and the outcome of the judgments in Norway and the EU.

The customer center
is committed to delivering the highest level of service to its customers and therefore, they must be able to monitor the customer behaviour carefully in all communication channels and increase customer satisfaction by delivering customer expectations.

Anzyz CCL™ is able to reduce prossesing time, increases productivity and the visibility of real-time critical business-to-business behavior, giving the company the information needed to respond to challenges before crises occur.

Customer satisfaction
Understanding how satisfied your customers are to products and services will be important for any company to know. Satisfied and loyal customers provide growth in future revenues and profits.
Anzyz CCL™ read, understand and analyze multiple communication sources, to find patterns in customer satisfaction, purchasing behavior, and attract more customers and maximize margins.

Management Dashboard – 360 ° view of your business
Creates automatically updated overviews that give you a 360 ° view of your business and or drill down into the most granular details to track individual performance. Identify cost factors to increase operational efficiency – and this is achieved with minimal use of today’s IT involvement or effort.
Share interactive dashboards to the entire organization to keep your management and employees informed.

Product development – improved bottom line
By analyzing all sources of customer feedback and KPIs, we will be able to provide advice and input to the product development teams on concrete preparation of product mixes and or services. Uncover all bottlenecks. Increases customer and brand loyalty and a positive customer commitment.

This is possible due to our unique self-learning artificial intelligence. Anzyz CCL™ understands any language, terminology or slang. By analyzing huge amounts of data, Anzyz CCL™ delivers actionable insights from small and big data. Realize the value of your information assets throughout your organization. Anzyz CCL™ empowers a wide range of occupations with superior situation awareness. Our customers include business analysts, customer service staff, intelligence officers, and medical personnel.


Anzyz CCL™ is based on interaction between the human mind and computer intelligence.

Anzyz CCL™ – Corpus Cube Linguistics derive automatically valuable insights from unstructured data, such as documents, emails, social media, chat and more.

Anzyz CCL™ is self-learning and analyses data from multiple sources in any language.

The human mind together with computer intelligence (CCL™) creates a new world of knowledge.

Anzyz CCL™ is based on ten years of research performed by professor Ole Christoffer Granmo of the University of Agder, Grimstad

Anzyz CCL™ is based on a completely new algorithm and model and are totally different from all existing models. 

The linguistic principles are a natural and integral part of the model, and accelerate the understanding of context. Anzyz CCL™ provides far better performance than both neural networks, naive bayes, logistic regression and decision trees in benchmarks.

As the models are brute force, it is believed that it does not take shortcuts or is pre-intended when learning a new language. It simply investigates every sentence phrase, words and expressions to understand the language. This means that it may take a day or two to produce the knowledge base. Then all analysis takes place happily.

Anzyz CCL™ is self-learning and does not require language packages or word bank.

It learns all the words and expressions that are used by studying the texts you have entered. This means that Anzyz learns the language as it is in use in it’s richness and variance, and all the words and expressions that are unique to the industry, dialect, language, or alphabet you work with.

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